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Michelle Lamm

I received my Masters in Social Work from Boston University and have 20+ years of experience working as a social worker and program manager. I enjoy building relationships with families and helping to connect them to critical resources. I am so happy to be working with GPFP staff and volunteers to build on our programming and to further help  families experiencing  homelessness. In my free time I enjoy walking my dog Silvie at the beach and doing yoga.

Executive Director

Luis Bio image.jpeg

Luis Chimina

I grew up in Luanda Angola where I attended CIS University. I am a graduate in Economics. I spent most of my time reading and learning about God and life things. In the past I have been working as a volunteer at Hope Acts where I worked as a helper, helping asylum seekers and immigrants apply for a home. I also help with the English language Program and all others Asylum Seekers Assistance Programs. I am passionate about helping others and providing a great atmosphere and experience for the people that surround me. I am very outgoing, social and love getting involved, being hands on.

Case Manager

Adolfo bio image.png

Adolfo Lucadji

I was born in Angola  and I have a high school diploma in legal and economic sciences. I started my career as an entrepreneur in  Multi-Industrial Sales and Distribution, unfortunately I was unable to continue due to the political and economic conditions in my country. 

Now I'm working with the GPFP as a shelter supervisor. Family Promise promises to help families experiencing homelessness. I hope to acquire new experiences in social work. I enjoy helping people, especially in critical life situations.

Shelter Staff


Virginie Tchatat

I am from Cameroon. I moved to the USA to live with my daughter in 2017.  I am the mother to five lovely girls and I have eleven wonderful grandchildren.    I am thankful to God and very happy because I can see the results of the hard work I did teaching my children. 

Shelter Staff

nicole bio image.jpeg

Nicole Lovejoy

I received my Bachelor of Science degree from Saint Joseph’s College in 2020. Since then, I have been a Program Manager at my prior job where I fell in love with working alongside families to create great experiences. At this point I knew I wanted to make a difference in families lives in an impactful way. When I found Family Promise, I felt it was exactly what I’d been looking for! I am so excited to continue to create relationships with families and the community. In my free time, I enjoy singing and playing guitar, and spending time with friends, family, and of course my dog Sig and cat Walter!

Program Manager

Michele K Bio_edited_edited.jpg

Michele Kouanzoua

I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Maine, and I am working toward a Graduate Certificate in Public and Nonprofit Management and a Master’s in Policy Planning Management. I have 2 years’ experience working as a case manager and program manager. I enjoy putting a smile on people's faces, especially new Mainers. I find joy connecting them to resources and helping them achieve self-sufficiency. I look forward to working as a team with the GPFP staff on supporting families. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and having fun with my family.

Case Manager

Osvaldo bio image.jpeg

Osvaldo Silva

I have a bachelor's degree in Law in Angola and was a banker for 18 years. I volunteered for around 2 years and collaborated with Michelle who l considered a teacher in terms of human relations. Today I'm part of the staff of the Greater Portland Family Promise team. I love helping the families, especially seeing them through their journey to adapt to this new environment. In my free time I help people to apply for a driver's license and other applications. I play guitar, I am learning English and I love spending time with my family watching videos.

Shelter Staff

Amy photo.jpg

Amy Holland 

I've been involved with Greater Portland Family Promise in several capacities since we opened in 2017. I love working behind the scenes with our amazing staff to support families. I have a Masters in Public Policy and Management and have worked with nonprofits for most of my career. When I'm not working, I love to garden and spend time with my family.

Director of Administration

& Finance 


Sandrine Koumba

I have a master's degree in Human Resources Management. I worked for 15 years in the Ministry of Civil Service in Gabon in this field.  Today, from a volunteer to a Case Manager at Family Promise. For me, it's just a continuation of bringing a bit of hope, and a smile to families in the process of integrating into their new life in Maine.  I like cooking while listening to music and taking care of the children.

Case Manager

Painting Supplies

Stephanie Holmes

After retiring from over 25 years as a local, national and international commercial designer, I longed for a more meaningful career path and found that in Portland Family Promise. Here I am able to share my creative energy by providing art instruction to the children of the shelter. As a native Mainer it gives me great joy to be able to give back to our communities in need. In my spare time I enjoy reading, gardening, cooking new recipes and hikes with my husband and dog.

Shelter Staff

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