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Donate via Bill Pay 

Even though your donation to Greater Portland Family Promise isn’t a “bill,” you can still set it up to have your bank send recurring gifts to the us. Here are some guidelines to help you get this set up with your bank:


  • Follow the directions on your bank’s website to set up a new bill or payee.
    If given a choice, choose to pay a company rather than a person.

  • In the space for “company name,” enter: Greater Portland Family Promise

  • In the space for “company address,” enter: PO Box 11048, Portland ME 04104

  • In the space for “company phone number,” enter: 207-200-8672.

  • In the space for “account number,” enter your first initial and your last name; for example: JDOE

  • After you have set up Greater Portland Family Promise as a biller, it is added to your list of bills or payees and you can select it at any time and enter a payment amount and a payment date. 

  • You have the option of setting up automatic or recurring payments on a monthly basis.


Bill pay is usually a free service of your checking account.

GPFP is not charged any fees for receiving a donation through your bank’s bill-pay service, so what you donate goes 100% to funding our program.

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