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Congregation-Family Support Partnerships help Greater Portland Family Promise graduate  families to remain in their homes.

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The Housing Stabilization Program includes both case management and Congregation-Family support partnerships. Congregations who participated in the Greater Portland Family Promise Shelter program are encouraged to but not required to participate in the Housing Stabilization program. Congregations are paired with a family based on location, prior connections, family size and needs. Specific matching requests will be considered and may or may not be granted depending on whether this makes sense for both parties.


Congregation volunteer teams that will be supporting a family should identify the following volunteer roles. Anyone wishing to have contact with the family must have attended a Greater Portland Family Promise volunteer training.


  • 1-2 people responsible for having contact with the family by phone or text regarding needs/requests. Contact with the family should be on a weekly basis.

  • 1-2 people responsible for creating an online sign up for donations and volunteer roles

  • 1-2 people responsible for shopping/picking up requests (groceries, household supplies, diapers, wipes, quarters for laundry, phone cards, bus passes, etc.)

  • 1-2 people responsible for having direct contact with the family, dropping off donations


What congregations and volunteers provide: 

  • Grocery assistance—groceries, gift cards

  • Baby needs—diapers, wipes, etc.

  • Personal care supplies, household goods, cleaning supplies

  • Transportation assistance—bus passes, gas cards

  • Support items for kids—school supplies, activity kits for kids stuck at home

  • Outdoor, socially distanced visits (i.e. walking to the playground)

  • Laundry help—laundry supplies, laundry quarters, loading a laundromat card

  • Purchasing phone credit/minutes

  • Clothing needs, winter gear, or small household needs

  • Remote supports (i.e. tutoring, English language practice for ELL children/adults)

  • Holiday/birthday supports

  • Financial supports for specific needs (i.e. costs for birth certificate requests)

Thank you for helping to support a family!


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